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RAJSURYA NIDHI LIMITED is a Public Limited Company, established in the 7 DEC 2022 under Section sub section (2) of section 7 and sub section (1) of sensation 8 of the of the Indian Companies Act,2013 (18,2013).and rule 18 of the companies (Incorporation) Rules 2014 The Registered Office is at "24B. Apna Ghar Colony Kesargunj Aburoad Dist. Sirohi Raj,307026. We are a mutual benefit company where only members can transact business.

RD Calculatr

A recurring deposit is a type of term deposit which allows you to save a fixed amount every month systematically.

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FD Calculatr

A fixed deposit is a financial instrument where a member gets assured ROI.

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Daily Calculatr

Daily Deposit The Flexi Recurring  Deposit (FRD) features the flexible option of depositing

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Saving Account

RAJSURYA NIDHI LIMITED Saving account encourages savings habit among salary earners and others who have fixed income.

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Trust, Honesty and Integrity in our dealings with our Stake Holders.
Transparency as our Virtue in our engagements with our members.
Tradition of highest professional & ethical standards in our Conduct.
Timeliness & Excellence in Standards of efficiency & Service.
Technology driven computer operations for Accuracy & Speed.

Our Services

Savings Account

Saving money habit will improve the quality of life and will help you to feel better and to sleep better. One will be happier knowing he/she has some money aside for unexpected ....

Fixed Deposit

RAJSURYA NIDHI LIMITED Offering attractive interest for various tenures on F.D. to its members with following attractive features....

Recurring Deposit

RAJSURYA NIDHI LIMITED Offering Monthly R.D. to its members with following attractive features...

Monthly Scheme

True to its name, the scheme features interest payable at the contracted rate every month, on the fixed deposit which is accepted for any period from one year to five years, key features of M.I.S. are